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Wedding Contract


Please Print this page by clicking here to get a printer friendly PDF version, fill in all blanks, Sign and mail to Michelle Stewart PO Box 33 Round Lake NY 12151 . Make sure to include a deposit check, payable to Michelle Stewart and the wedding music selection form.

In this contract, made on ____________________.

20__, Michelle Stewart agrees to provide a string ____________________. to the following person:____________________.

on the following date ___________. to start performing at ________ o´clock and to end their service at ________. o´clock.
Location of the service will be ____________________.
____________________ agrees to pay the gross fee of $____________. for this service.

The following terms are understood and agreed to:

1.   A Non-refundable deposit of half the amount , is due at the time of booking. Make check payable to Michelle Stewart and mail with this contract to above address. No date or time will be reserved until this deposit is received.

2. Attire will be formal black and white unless otherwise specified. Detailed map and or directions to the place of engagement must be provided two weeks prior to the engagement.

3.Purchaser must pay the remaining balance of $__________. , in cash at the engagement prior to the performance.

4. Overtime will be billed at the rate of $100 per half-hour.

5. It is understood that some instruments, particularly string, are extremely valuable, and are susceptible to damage when
exposed to certain climatic variations, such as rain, direct sunlight and temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It is
understood that performers must be provided with shelter from rain and direct sunlight and that the temperature must be at
least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Please provide musicians with armless chairs in the area(s) they are to perform.
Signed By ____________ Email address______________ Telephone number _____________ Address_________________